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Teachers' Choice Award, 2021 | TEFL Online Pro

 Trusted TEFL Reviews Teachers' Choice Award 2021

TEFL Online Pro: Teachers' Choice Award winner in 2021

We are proud to announce that we have won the Teachers' Choice award for a third year in a row; previously winning this prestigious award in 2019 and 2020.

Trusted TEFL Reviews, the independent TEFL reviews website that provides this award, received a staggering number of votes this year- surpassing 50,000.

The website for the award: https://trustedteflreviews.com/

One of our company's missions is to win the next annual award in 2022.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for us.

To understand why our customers value our products and services so much, we recommend that you read some of our verified customer reviews:






Kind regards,

Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | https://teflonlinepro.com/

Friday, 16 July 2021

TEFL Online Pro Reviews Google Search - TESOL Course Competitor Scam Warning!

The TEFL Academy - TPR Teaching, ESLinsider and MyTEFL hijacking the search results for 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews'.

How to avoid the latest Google Search TEFL courses scam.

TEFL Online Pro has issued a refutation to the allegations made by our business competitors, on the teflonlinepro.com school website:


TEFL Online Pro is a legitimate company, providing award-winning and fully accredited Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses training.

We receive consistently positive (verified) customer feedback, and this is in part because of our commitment to maintaining a high level of customer services.

Our course graduates teach English online and teach English overseas, in every country worldwide where English is taught as a second or foreign language, and typically start their teaching jobs within four weeks of course completion.

As of July 24th 2021, 100% of our graduates that have taken one of our courses and that have then wanted to teach (online or overseas) have been successful in their job-search objectives.

All three of the international certification courses provided by our company come with lifetime job support services, included in the price of the course.

In addition to all of the above, TEFL Online Pro is a verified business member with Paypal and has been since 2019.

TEFL Online Pro has many competitors within the Online TEFL/TESOL training marketplace.

The majority of our competitors are similarly held accountable through their accreditation affiliations, but a few of our competitors are not bound by the Codes Of Practice associated with Fully Accredited status – i.e., some of our business competitors offer unaccredited TEFL courses and can operate without any oversight from an external moderation board.

This article has been written as an official rebuttal to the defamatory, malicious, and untrue statements published online about TEFL Online Pro – statements published by three of our business competitors: Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan/The TEFL Academy, Ian Patrick Leahy/ESLinsider, and MyTEFL.

Highly Competitive Marketplace Issues

The TEFL/TESOL certification course industry is highly competitive and mostly unregulated. To add to this, some Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs are run by individuals - former English teachers with limited ESL teaching experience, who have transitioned into ESL entrepreneurship. 

What this means is that a number of Online TEFL/TESOL programs are run by individuals that run unaccredited courses with very little accountability or oversight. 

This statement applies to the Online TEFL/TESOL programs of ESLinsider, MyTEFL, and The TEFL Academy - three Online TEFL programs that are notorious in the TEFL world for launching attack campaigns on their business competition.

TPR Teaching is run by a freelance employee of The TEFL Academy, and that proxy blog website is utilised for attacks on The TEFL Academy's competition, as well as funnelling new clients through to The TEFL Academy school website.

This article identifies and exposes the bad actor Online TEFL/TESOL programs, which have worked diligently to hijack the Google Search results for 'TEFL Online Pro reviews' and which have done so in order to redirect potential TEFL Online Pro customers to their own programs instead.

We will be covering these three specific Online TEFL/TESOL programs:

The TEFL Academy and their proxy website TPR Teaching, ESLinsider, and MyTEFL.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews Google Search competitor scam

The 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews' Google Search results.

To start us off, as of July 17th 2021, these are the first-page results that you can expect to see when you search for 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews' via Google Search USA:

TEFL Online Pro Reviews Warning: Is it Legit? | TPR Teaching

Is tefl online pro legit?: TEFL - Reddit

tefl online pro - Reviews | Facebook

TEFL Online Pro verified customer video testimonial reviews

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Voted Teachers' Choice Award winner, 2019/2020

TEFL Online Pro Review: A potential fraudulent company

tefl-online-pro-reviews-.com TOP TEFL Blog

trustedteflreviews.com | teflonlinepro reviews

Is TEFL online pro accredited? ESLinsider Ian Patrick Leahy

TEFL Online Pro Reviews - fake TEFL course review website

Of the ten 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews' Google Search results images shown above, only five are authentic TEFL Online Pro school search results:

1. The TEFL Online Pro Facebook page: 

2. The TEFL Online Pro YouTube page:

3. The TEFL Online Pro school Reviews page:

4. The TEFL Online Pro reviews blog - established to defend ourselves against online attacks:

5. A verified TEFL Online Pro customer review, listed on the independent Trusted TEFL Reviews website:

The remaining five 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews' search listings have been created, marketed or hijacked by our business competitors.

TPR Teaching

TPR Teaching was established in 2020, and claims to be independently operated by Caitriona Maria.

Caitriona Maria's real name is Caitriona McTiernan, and she is a 'Brand Ambassador' for The TEFL Academy - one of our business competitors.

Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan is a Brand Ambassador for The TEFL Academy and is a scam artist.

Caitriona is 24 years old and fancies herself as a TEFL expert - despite only having taught online for a year and having taught just two 4-week ESL summer camps.

Caitriona is a member of The TEFL Academy's affiliate marketing program, whereby she earns a 20% commission on all TEFL Academy course purchases made through her TPR Teaching blog website.

One of the issues of the affiliates marketing model is that the affiliates member will tend to exaggerate facts in order to convince people to make a course purchase.

On her blog site, Caitriona has brazenly claimed that TEFL Academy graduates can earn $100 teaching English online, and that TEFL Academy graduates are not required to have a college degree for teaching English in Asian countries, such as in South Korea.

Both of these statements are untrue and misleading.

To teach English in South Korea, you MUST have a college degree.

Also, we took a look at Caitriona's online teaching profile and we saw that she charges between $20 and $25 per hour for her teaching English online work.

Of equal concern is that Caitriona has now begin reviewing Online TEFL/TESOL certification programs, despite having limited experience and limited knowledge of the Online TEFL/TESOL industry.

Due to this limited knowledge, she must have come across some old posts from one of the more prolific online defamers of Online TEFL/TESOL certification programs - Ian Leahy, from ESLinsider TEFL - and she has simply regurgitated his untruths on her website with regards to the TEFL Online Pro TESOL training program.

Caitriona claims on TPR Teaching:

1. TEFL Online Pro owns trustedteflreviews.com
2. TEFL Online Pro is unaccredited.
3. TEFL Online Pro is a "scam".

TEFL Online Pro submitted a comment to Caitriona's blog post, in response to her unfounded allegations, as have a number of our graduates, but Caitriona has failed to publish our response and failed to publish the comments submitted by our graduates.

She has, instead, chosen to publish comments from anonymous users and a comment submitted by one of our business competitors: Ian Patrick Leahy, from ESLinsider TEFL.

Our response to these baseless accusations:

1. Trusted TEFL Reviews is an independent TEFL courses reviews website. Yes, we do share the same website building platform as Trusted TEFL Reviews (Wordpress) but so do millions of other websites. Caitriona has simply regurgitated the misinformation first peddled by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider that in the WhoIs records, TEFL Online Pro shares the same registered ip addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers as Trusted TEFL Reviews.

This is true. We do.

However, when a website wishes to conceal the personal data of their URL registration - as is the case with TPR Teaching, ESLinsider, and MyTEFL - the ICAN website directory registers generic ip address, generic addresses, and generic telephone numbers. 

The ip addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers linked to the WhoIs database for TEFL Online Pro are shared by over 50 million other websites.

Caitriona's claims that TEFL Online Pro runs Trusted TEFL Reviews is false logic, incorrect, and defamatory.

Besides, the Trusted TEFL Reviews Facebook page was set up a whole year later than the TEFL Online Pro Facebook page.

Incidentally, the only reason why Caitriona's website shows so prominently in a Google Search for 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews' is because The TEFL Academy has flooded her blog site with strong TEFL Academy backlinks.

TEFL Online Pro is fully accredited by ACTEFLC - Accreditation Council for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Courses.

The TEFL Academy, on the other hand, claims to be accredited by a bunch of organisations, but are only regulated by them. It is The TEFL Academy that is not accredited.

If TEFL Online Pro were a scam, we would have been shut down a long time ago and we would not consistently receive positive customer feedback of our products and services.

The fact of the matter is that The TEFL Academy receives terrible customer reviews and acts more like a mafia family than a respectable Online TEFL/TESOL certification course provider.

We were going to write more about this aspect of The TEFL Academy's business, but Trusted TEFL Reviews beat us to it:

Please bear in mind, if stumbling across Caitriona's TPR Teaching blog site, that Caitriona's sole aim is to sell The TEFL Academy courses. And that she is able and willing to stretch the truth, and attempt to destroy the reputation of The TEFL Academy's competition in the process.

One final important point, with regards to The TEFL Academy, is that they changed management in 2020.

Before this, The TEFL Academy was a respected Online TEFL/TESOL course provider. But in came Thomas Gibbons - at around the same time that Caitriona McTiernan began her TPR Teaching blog - and since then the reputation of The TEFL Academy has plummeted.

TEFL Online Pro has issued Caitriona McTiernan with a cease and desist letter, and will be proceeding with legal action with regards to online defamation.

Caitriona's response was that she has no money and that, therefore, there is nothing we can do about it.

In other words, Caitriona McTiernan admits to publishing defamatory content but feels that she is immune to any consequences caused by her actions.

Ian Leahy - ESLinsider TEFL

Ian Patrick Leahy also runs an unaccredited TEFL (TEKA) online certification program and is notorious within the TEFL world for attacking his business competition.

Pick any Online TEFL/TESOL certification course program and Ian will have written some trash about it at some time in his "illustrious" TEFL training career.

Ian Leahy has also been accused of using the credit card details of his customers and fraudulently withdrawing money and making additional purchases, unbeknown to his customers.

Ian has lived and worked in six countries - firstly as an English teacher and then as the owner of his unaccredited Online TEFL certification course program.

He has been banned from Facebook, has been accused of fraud, and teachers who have tried applying for jobs in China with an ESLinsider TEFL/TEKA certificate have been outright rejected.

This last point is likely because Ian was recommending to people that they should get a hold of a fake college degree, if they hadn't graduated from college, and the Chinese authorities caught wind of this and a significant number of ESL teachers - who took Ian's advice - were imprisoned and subsequently deported from China and given lifetime bans from re-entering the country.

We were also going to write more in length about Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL, but Trusted TEFL Reviews again beat us to the post:

One of the main standouts from the article is that Ian holds very little ESL teaching knowledge.

It is, therefore, incredulous that this individual can legally provide TEFL certification courses.

Out of the 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews' Google Search listings mentioned earlier in this article, Ian is responsible for hijacking the Reddit page, creating the Complaints Board page, and publishing the malicious content published on his school blog, where he peddles his courses: ESLinsider TEFL/TEKA.

This is the individual, Ian Leahy, who considers himself an expert defender of TEFL truth:

Ian Patrick Leahy | ESLinsider| Cambly online tutor

Ian Leahy is a wanted criminal in China

Ian Patrick Leahy graduated from Arizona Art College

1. The top photo is Ian's Online English Tutor mugshot for Cambly.

2. The middle image is Ian Leahy's ESLinsider TEFL About page.

3. The third photo was taken from Ian Leahy's ESLinsider YouTube channel, where he recklessly tries to dissuade people from pursuing a college degree.

To discover Ian Leahy's well-documented illegal activities, simply search online and you will find multiple references, from multiple sources, exposing his TEFL scams.

Ian Leahy is currently living back in Monroe, New Hampshire, where he spent the winter unsuccessfully trying to forge a new career as a reviewer of ski and snowboarding equipment.

Because that venture went south, Ian has resurfaced again with his unaccredited Online TEFL/TEKA certification course program. And because Ian has always been low on expendable income, his way of gaining free advertising for his courses is to flood the Google Search results of his competitors in the hope that he can redirect traffic to his ESLinsider TEFL site.

TEFL Online Pro has issued Ian Leahy with a cease and desist letter, and will be proceeding with legal action with regards to his online defamation.


MyTEFL launched their Online TEFL/TESOL certification course program a couple of years ago.

Again, we were going to write a long piece about this dodgy company, but Trusted TEFL Reviews beat us to the mark:

MyTEFL claims to be independently accredited by OTTSA - Online TEFL & TESOL Standards Agency:

The only problem though, is that OTTSA is an unrecognised TEFL accreditation body and this true claim can easily be researched further by typing 'OTTSA accreditation scam' into Google Search.

TEFL Online Pro has issued MyTEFL with a cease and desist letter, and will be proceeding with legal action with regards to their online defamation.


TEFL Online Pro runs three award-winning, fully accredited and internationally recognised Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses:

60-Hour Fast-Track - the perfect solution for people with TEFL experience.

120-Hour Professional - the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience.

140-Hour Hybrid - the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience who are wanting in-class teaching practice.

Our courses are very popular and our graduates teach online and abroad/overseas.

Because of our popularity, we have become the target of three disreputable Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs: ESLinsider, MyTEFL, The TEFL Academy.

All three of these programs have tried to reduce the credibility of TEFL Online Pro, but at the end of the day our graduates have the final word - such as Noor, one of our August 2020 TEFL/TESOL graduates, who taught English online after graduating from her TEFL Online Pro certification course and who is now on her way over to South Korea, where she will be teaching English within the South Korean university system:

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The TEFL Academy | Caitriona McTiernan - Defamation Scam

TEFL Online Pro reviews can be be viewed across the internet, on reputable websites. 

However, with the Online TEFL/TESOL certification course market reaching a saturation point, some unscrupulous "companies" will stop at no boundaries in order to push and spin their own agenda - often at the detriment of those verified TEFL Online Pro customer feedback reviews.

One example of this is The TEFL Academy, and their 'Brand Ambassador' Caitriona Maria - real name: 'Caitriona McTiernan'. 

Read more here:


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TEFL Online Pro Customers' Video Reviews Reddit Collection

TEFL Online Pro Customers' Video Reviews Reddit Collection.

In this TEFL Online Pro Reddit link, you can view the complete TEFL Online Pro YouTube collection of our customers' video reviews:


In addition to this, we are very excited to be looking forward to receiving the news on whether we are in the running for this year's Teachers' Choice Awards - previously having won the award in 2019 and 2020.

Kind regards,

Paul Murphy - Operations Manager - TEFL Online Pro

Best Online TEFL TESOL | TEFL Online Pro News | 2022

Best Online TEFL TESOL | TEFL Online Pro News | 2022